International Students

Interested in pursuing a 小猪视频官网 education in the United 小猪视频官网s? Volunteer 小猪视频官网 Community College is here to help you succeed. Vol 小猪视频官网 offers numerous options for those who seek two-year degrees and for student who wish to pursue certification. International students can take advantage of the Tennessee Transfers Pathway, which allows students to pursue a bachelor鈥檚 degree after successful completion of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

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International Students Application Steps

Below is an overview of the steps and documents necessary for an F-1/M-1 International student to complete in order to be admitted and registered for classes at Vol 小猪视频官网. After submitting your Application for Admission, you will receive an email within 1-3 business days after submitting your with your Vol 小猪视频官网 Account Information. Your Vol 小猪视频官网 inbox will contain an email with a link where you can submit the remaining forms and required international documents listed below:

  1. Provide Official Copies of Academic Records
    Applicants must submit official copies of academic records from secondary schools and higher education institutions, showing graduation or completion dates if applicable. Transcripts or records which are not in English should be accompanied by notarized or certified translations. If you are seeking 小猪视频官网 credit from an international institution, these transcripts must be evaluated from companies with memberships in . In addition, applicants wishing to receive transfer credit for courses taken outside the United 小猪视频官网s may also be required to submit course descriptions for departmental approval.
  2. Submit English Language Assessment Scores
    Applicants whose native language is not English and who are not permanent residents of the United 小猪视频官网s will be required to take the TOEFL, PTE Academic, IELTS, or other approved comparable standardized examinations prior to admission to VSCC. To view the minimum required scores, please visit the . If scores are below the minimum requirement, you will be required to take the VSCC Michigan Test.
  3. Gather Financial Documents
    You will need to provide satisfactory evidence that you are financially capable to meet the costs involved while studying at Vol 小猪视频官网. International students will be responsible for showing that they have the ability to pay all Out-of-小猪视频官网 Expenses. International students are not permitted to work and are not eligible for Title IV funding.
  4. Submit your International Documents
    This will include your I-94 Form (upon arrival in the U.S.), VISA, Passport, and your I-20 (required if currently enrolled at an institution in the U.S.)
  5. Immunization Records
    Provide tuberculosis immunization certificate from a licensed physician or other qualified medical authority.
  6. Health Insurance
    Students must purchase health insurance through the 小猪视频官网 University and Community College System of Tennessee prior to enrollment.

For more information regarding each of these steps, visit Vol 小猪视频官网鈥檚 portion of the College Catalog.