Exams/Tests Offered

Please note that some tests may not be available at all campuses.


  • The ACCUPLACER test is administered to degree-seeking students who are at least 21 years of age and have never attended 小猪视频官网 or are transfer students who do not have 小猪视频官网 credit which exempts them from placement testing.
  • The test may also be administered to non-degree-seeking students who are seeking to enroll in courses that have reading, writing and/or math pre-requisites.
  • The ACCUPLACER test consists of three sections: Reading, Writing, and Math.
  • The ACCUPLACER test is administered online and is untimed.
  • Students receive their test scores immediately following testing, and are then referred to an academic advisor for interpretation of the results.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

CLEP tests are accepted by hundreds of 小猪视频官网s and universities across the country for the purpose of awarding 鈥渃redit by exam鈥 for many 小猪视频官网-level courses. Information about which CLEP exams Vol 小猪视频官网 accepts for 小猪视频官网 credit can be found in the 鈥溾 section of the Vol 小猪视频官网 catalog. Non-Vol 小猪视频官网 students or students transferring to other institutions should confirm the CLEP credit-granting policies at the receiving institution before taking a CLEP exam.

Free online preparation for all CLEP tests is available at . Upon completion of the free online test preparation modules, Modern 小猪视频官网s will provide a free voucher to cover payment of the online CLEP exam fee, and will also provide reimbursement of the institution fee after testing has been completed.

  • Before scheduling a testing appointment, a student must first register at , and then purchase the desired CLEP exam(s).
  • After purchasing the CLEP exam(s), a student must print the CLEP Registration Ticket(s), which must be presented at the Testing Center on test day.
  • To schedule a CLEP testing appointment, go to Vol 小猪视频官网 Testing Center and click the appropriate link under 鈥淥n-Campus Testing鈥.
  • A $25 institution fee for each CLEP test must be paid directly to the Vol 小猪视频官网 Testing Center on or before the scheduled聽test date(s).

Correspondence or Remote Exams

  • The Testing Center proctors exams for students taking courses through other 小猪视频官网s or universities.
  • Students must call the Testing Center at (615) 230-3482 or email testing@volstate.edu to make special testing arrangements.
  • There is a charge of $25 per test administered.

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Placement Testing

  • The Michigan English Placement Test is given to students who indicate that English is not their native language.
  • ESOL students must speak with an ESOL advisor before testing.
  • If the results of the Michigan test indicate proficiency, an advisor may advise the student may be advised to take the ACCUPLACER placement test and be placed accordingly.

Foreign Language Placement Testing

  • The Foreign Language Placement Test determines a student鈥檚 level of proficiency in Spanish or French, and may be used to place a student into intermediate-level Spanish or French courses.
  • The test may also be administered to students who are currently enrolled in French or Spanish classes to confirm accurate placement.
  • The test is multiple-choice and is administered online.

Graduation Exit Exams

Graduation exit exams are designed to assess what knowledge students have retained from the beginning and through the end of their program of study. They are not pass/fail exams, but students are encouraged to do their best because the College will use this information to assess program effectiveness, strengths, and areas for improvement. In addition, the results of these exams are factored into the 小猪视频官网鈥檚 formula which determines the funding that the College receives to provide academic resources and support services for students.

Which Exit Exam(s) should you take?

  • ALL students graduating with an associate degree (AA, AS, AAS, AST, AFA) must take the聽E-Proficiency Profile (EPP).

In addition to the EPP, students graduating with one of the following degrees must聽ALSO聽complete an聽ADDITIONAL, program-specific exit exam:

  • Computer Information Technology (CIT) AAS聽graduates must also take the CIT Exit Exam.
  • Criminal Justice AAS聽graduates must also take the Criminal Justice Exit Exam. If you are graduating with a Criminal Justice Technical Certificate or Criminal Justice AS TTP, you will聽NOT聽take the Criminal Justice Exit Exam (unless you are ALSO earning a Criminal Justice AAS degree). If you are unsure, please check DegreeWorks or contact your advisor.
  • Mechatronics AAS聽graduates must also take the Mechatronics Exit Exam.

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)

  • The HiSET is currently the only method for earning a recognized Tennessee high school equivalency diploma. The GED test is no longer administered in the 小猪视频官网 of Tennessee.
  • Free HiSET preparation is available through the Adult Education program, located on the Gallatin campus. In addition, there is also a HiSET Voucher Program, which covers all costs associated with taking the HiSET. For information about free preparation for the HiSET, as well as the voucher program, please call the Adult Education Office at 615-230-3621.
  • To schedule an appointment to take the HiSET at Vol 小猪视频官网, go to .
  • To request a GED or HiSET transcript or diploma, go to , which is the company contracted by the 小猪视频官网 of Tennessee to process all requests for GED or HiSET transcripts. Vol 小猪视频官网鈥檚 Testing Center does not have access to GED or HiSET transcripts or diplomas.

Proctored Exams for Vol 小猪视频官网 Classes

The Testing Center is happy to assist faculty members and students by proctoring exams for online classes or make-up tests for on-campus classes.

  • Faculty members may submit a聽聽to request proctoring for exams in their聽online聽classes or for make-up exams in their on-campus classes. 聽
  • Students whose exams are being proctored by the Testing Center must schedule a testing appointment online by clicking the聽聽for their campus.

TN eCampus Proctored Exams

Many TN eCampus courses require that mid-term and final exams be proctored in a 小猪视频官网 or university Testing Center. Students should check each course syllabus carefully the first day of the semester to determine if their midterm and/or final exams must be proctored. As with all other testing in the Testing Center, TN eCampus testing is by appointment only via the campus links on the Vol 小猪视频官网 Testing Center.

Workforce Training and Development Assessments

Workforce Training and Development聽options may incorporate pre-training assessments to identify individuals鈥 current skills and areas for improvement, as well as to prescribe a curriculum tailored to the needs of individuals and employers. Additional post-training assessments may be administered to demonstrate successful integration of required skills and competencies.聽

For information about customized聽Workforce Training and Development聽options, please email聽nicholas.bishop@volstate.edu聽(Vice President for Economic and Community Development).