Direct Deposit

Volunteer 小猪视频官网 Community College offers direct deposit as an option for receiving excess financial aid funds and student refunds.

Faster & Safer

  • No waiting for a check to be delivered via USPS.
  • No waiting for the bank to process the deposit.
  • No chance of misplacing a paper check.

Important Direct Deposit Tips

  • Students are responsible for setting up their direct deposit information. Instructions are listed below.
  • The account verification process for direct deposit takes 3 to 5 days. You should set up your direct deposit information before the semester starts.
  • If a student鈥檚 direct deposit does not process because of problems with the direct deposit account, the direct deposit funds must be returned to Vol 小猪视频官网鈥檚 bank before a check can be issued to the student.

direct deposit banner

Setting Up Direct Deposit for Refunds

  1. Go to the portal.
  2. Click 鈥淪ign in to Microsoft鈥, then sign in with your login and password if required.
  3. Click ePay 鈥 Payment Gateway. (You may have to enter your login and password again.)
  4. Under 鈥淒irect to the secure site鈥, click Continue. This will take you into the ePayment Gateway system
  5. On the header bar, click "Refunds".
  6. Click the Red button for "Enroll in Two-Step Verification".
    1. Specify how you want to setup your two-step verification (text or email).
  7. Once verified, click on Payment Profile.
  8. Under Add New Payment Method, choose Electronic Checking, then Select.
  9. Enter Bank Account information for refunds on this screen.
    1. If you are unsure of your bank's routing number and your account number, please select EXAMPLE below under the Routing Number. (These are not the same as your debit card number).
    2. For the bank account to be used for Refunds, check the box under Refund Options "check here if you would like refunds to be deposited into this account".
  10. Please read the agreement, then check the box "I AGREE", click Continue.