EMT Frequently Asked Questions

Apply to Vol СƵ College/admissions/apply, this is free and will generate your V number. While you do not have to have the V number to make application with the EMS program you will need it at some point, so this is the best place to start. (Applying to the СƵ makes you a student at Vol СƵ but does not make you an EMS student or guarantee acceptance into the EMS program.)

Make your application to the EMS program of your choice for EMT, AEMT or, (Accelerated AEMT which is Basic and Advanced in a single semester with no exit point for Basic but leading to the opportunity to obtain you Advanced EMT) these are done with the getting started link below.

For Paramedic, please use the following link/academics/health-sciences/ems/paramedic-application-form.

No to get into the EMS program you must go through the EMS application process, you can only be permitted in by the EMS department. (Applying to the СƵ makes you a student at Vol СƵ but does not make you an EMS student or guarantee acceptance into the EMS program.)

  1. You will be put in our database for students after filling out the online application.
  2. You will receive a welcome to Vol СƵ EMS email. This lets you know that we have received you application. You will also get a PDF with the orientation information in it.
  3. If you still have questions after reading the orientation email you can attend one of the general information sessions we hold, dates will be sent via email. You can also contact the EMS Administrative Assistant at 615-230-3346 to schedule an appointment to speak to one of the faculty or contact the Program Director at 615-230-3351 orjesse@volstate.eduif you still have question or cannot reach anyone.
  4. When testing opens you will receive notification and instructions for testing.
  5. You will be contacted for class specific orientation once selections are made based on the criteria above.

Yes everyone must take the assessment test this test is specific for EMS placement without the scores we cannot rank you for class placement.

The test is in EMS Testing costs $5.00 and measures 3 areas. General Knowledge, Reading, and Math. You must take all 3 sections to be considered for class.

We do not know of a specific study tool we recommend looking over general math, English, and Science at the 9th grade level.

No the orientation (Advising) information is sent with your welcome email, you can read it there. If you still have questions, you can attend an in-person session or make arrangements to speak with an EMS faculty member one on one.

Vol СƵ is a СƵ and as such we value your education, so we offer additional points toward admission if you have taken the following courses that apply to the AS in Health Sciences. It does not matter if you have taken these classes as part of another degree, stand alone, or as part of the AAS in Health Science. The classes you can take are.

  • Credits:(3)
  • Credits:(3)
  • Credits:(3)
  • Credits:(3)
  • Credits: (3)
  • /
    • (Preferred) - See AdvisorCredits: (3-4)
  • Credits:(3)
    • ORCredits: (3)
  • One additional course from any of the following categories:,,,orCredits: (3-4)

In addition to the points added to your overall score by taking any of the above classes you may choose to take the assessment test again to improve your score the above classes should help you improve your chances of improving your overall score.

Basic EMT course work leads to eligibility to sit for the National Registry Exam at the Basic EMT level in one semester, and if successful Tennessee СƵ Licensure at the same level. Accelerated EMT leads to eligibility to sit for both the Basic and Advanced exams also in one semester. The Basic EMT exam is taken in week 10 and the Advanced at the end of the semester. This will lead to state licensure at the Advanced level if successful on the National Registry exam.

No the program is authorized as a pilot program through the СƵ of Tennessee Office of EMS. They have set it up so there is no exit point, the goal is to cut down on the time it takes to go through both Basic, and Advanced EMT. The only way to get a Basic License from the program is to complete the course and be unsuccessful taking the Advanced Exam 3 times.

While we have online resources to help you while in class , this class is taught on campus with no dedicated online courses. In fact the СƵ of Tennessee Office of EMS does not authorize any EMS program in the СƵ of Tennessee to do any portion of their classes online.

Paramedic school starts once a year though we run to campuses. The Gallatin Campus starts in the summer semester and the Cookeville Campus starts in the fall semester. Information about important application deadlines is on the webpage./academics/health-sciences/ems/paramedic.

It depends what your goals are Basic EMT is 16 hours a week classroom which is 2 days a week or 4 nights a week. Plus 96 hours of clinicals. Advanced is likewise 16 hours a week 2 days a week or 4 nights a week. Plus 144 hours of clinicals. Accelerated is 18 hours a week or 3 days a week with no night options. Also 144 hours of clinicals. All of these are completed in 1 semester.

It varies depending on your level but we have contracts with private, and emergency 911 ambulance services throughout the Middle Tennessee area. In addition we have contracts with several area hospitals if you level of training requires a hospital setting.

While this will not keep you out of class it may keep you out of clinicals and therefore be unable to successfully complete the program. Further more even if you have completed the program it could prevent you from obtaining a state license. But each situation is different and it often depends on your situation and the time that has passed since it occurred. I would encourage you to reach out to the director at 615-230-3351 to discuss your specific circumstances.

No it is not required for EMT school, but it may be required at some clinical sites. While it will not prevent you from attending or even successfully completing the program it may limit some of your clinical experiences. These requirements are set by the clinical sits and not Vol СƵ we cannot control them or override them.