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Awarded Grants

  1. Perkins IV FY 14-15:聽聽Vol 小猪视频官网 received $111,745 in federal pass-through funds from the Tennessee Board of Regents.聽 Funds will be used to provide additional Supplemental Instruction leaders to assist students in a Career and Technological Education program to complete; provide for the purchase of 35 IPads with a mobile storage cart/charger unit so that CTE students may develop hands on technology skills to prepare them for technology in careers through the use of educational and virtual learning apps; support the Career and Technical Education Advisor, a part-time position under Dual Enrollment; support a faculty stipend to update the Dual CTE/Credit Curriculum Assessments; and to provide funds for CTE Student Transitional Bootcamps.聽聽
  2. Adult Education and EL Civics Programs聽FY 14-15: The Tennessee Dept. of Labor renewed these two programs for a second year.聽 The two grants total $343,288 in funds that will support training for adults wishing to complete a GED, and English as a Second Language (ESL) students who want to increase their language proficiency and complete citizenship.